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Our 2022 must read for travel to Singapore

Singapore is a unique place, and that is the word that best describes it. Known for its vibrant contrasts and colours, SG is a city where culture, cuisine, arts, and architecture combine in harmony. This little dynamo in Southeast Asia is bursting with energy, a combination of East and West. The Muslim district of Singapore is full of textiles and batiks from Indonesia, as well as silks, sarongs, and shirts. Rosaries, flower essences, hajj caps, songkok hats, basket ware, and rattan goods are some of the other items that are negotiated in this region of the city.

There are many towers and large malls, as well as offices and great penthouses in the city nation. The majority of Singapore’s population is Malaysian, European, Indian, and Chinese. There are many beautiful churches and temples in Singapore. The Raffles Hotel honours Singapore’s founding father by naming the hotel after him. Singapore has the same climate all year long, so you can visit at any time of the year. If possible, plan your visit to coincide with religious festivals or shopping festivals.

If you like to shop, Singpore is a mall paradise

If you like shopping, you can spend a day at Orchard Road. Besides the most fashionable and outrageous clothes and shoes, there are also precious gems, glasses and accessories to choose from at the shopping centres. Whenever you get tired of shopping, stop by one of the many restaurants and eating places. There is no better time to visit Orchard Road than during Christmas, when the whole avenue is illuminated. Shopping festivals are held in June and August, so there are great bargains during these months. There is a wide range of international brands available in Singapore, including clothing, electronics, footwear, and home products. Prices in Singapore are higher than in the rest of Asia.

The local food in Singapore is wonderful. The food is tasty, affordable, and hygienic.  Both Maxwell and Bersah Food Centre are popular with a variety of options for delicious food from all over the world. If you are looking to spend a little more, international chefs come here to cook at the best restaurants. There is no lack of facilities at the hotels. It is possible to find great discounts and even three-star hotels offer modern amenities. All international airlines fly to Singapore, as well as Singapore Airlines.

Visit the Arab Quarter, Chinatown, Little India, or Chinatown for some great bargains on knick knacks. Become accustomed to bargaining like a local to find the things that you need. Most shopping malls have fixed prices. Travellers should not miss the Singapore Zoo, Sentosa Island and the Jurong Bird Park on Sentosa Island. In addition to city buses and the Underground metro, local taxis and the Underground metro are among the public transportation choices available to residents of the city. It has a large international population, so English is widely spoken.

Cultural diversity in Singapore leads rich and memorable experiences

In Singapore, the Sultan Mosque is the largest and busiest mosque, but the Malabar Muslim Jama-ath Mosque is the most beautiful. The food stalls on Bussorah St are particularly atmospheric at dusk during Ramadan, and you can find great Indian Muslim food along nearby North Bridge Rd.

Some consider Singapore to be the Garden City as it is considered to be lush and green. Its strategic location has helped Singapore become one of the world’s most important trade, communications, and tourism centres. Singapore is only a bus or train ride away from Malaysia. You can walk or take a bus across either of the two causeway bridges that connect Singapore and Malaysia. The island is also just a quick ferry trip away from the key islands that make up the Riau archipelago in Indonesia. You can fly to Thailand or the Philippines from the island in just a couple of hours. In the Southeast Asia region, Singapore is very much the gateway to many other countries. The country has more than 50 airlines serving its airport.

A population of 4 million, Singapore is mainly composed of Chinese, Malay and Indians, and a minority of Eurasians and people of other ethnic backgrounds. The city is certainly a dynamic place rich with contrasts and colours, for there is a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture that can be found here.

Getting around the Island Nation is easy

Singapore has a good public transportation system, and this makes it very easy for people to get around the city.  The MRT and the LRT provide great coverage of Singapore but if you want to travel into Malaysia, you will have to take a bus from Woodlands station to the border.

Waterfall Changi International Airport
Waterfall Changi International Airport
Singapore has a lot to offer adventure seekers

Firstly, visit the Underwater World – Asia’s largest and first tropical fish oceanarium. It contains over 2,500 marine specimens, including the world’s largest display of Sand Tiger Sharks. There are 63 Islets in Singapore, including Sentosa. The new train system that links Sentosa directly to the mainland offers easy access to the island; you can even walk most of the way from the MRT station as there’s a series of walkways and moving sidewalks. 

Once you have recovered from the shark attack, treat yourself to lunch in the Dutch Village, a neighbourhood full of shops, cafés, and restaurants. The neighbourhood is a popular place with expats. At Holland Village Shopping Centre and Holland Village Complex, you can find Asian arts and crafts as well.

Then head to the Jurong BirdPark, an open-concept park with a total of 20.2 hectares. This is the largest park in Asia Pacific and one of the best in the world. Among the largest bird collections in the world are its more than 9,000 species of birds. Most of those species are from Southeast Asia. Learn about falcons and their training in a falconry experience here. Here is your opportunity to practice falconry – a sport that traditionally was reserved for royalty and aristocracy.

Ornate designs inside the walkways of Sentosa

Then, it’s time for a bit of light shopping at Singapore’s largest permanent street bazaar, Bugis Street. In addition to finding unexpected bargains, you will find interesting sights such as two Buddhist temples co-existing side by side. Stop by Bugis Junction, Singapore’s only glass-covered and air-conditioned shopping mall with a rich historical background and interesting shop house architecture.

Try the Reverse Bungy Jump in Clarke Quay if you want to see Singapore from a different perspective. Feel your heart beat fast as you are launched into the air at great speeds before landing on the earth with a thud. Be prepared to be scared!

We hope you enjoyed the day’s activities and were inspired. We invite you to join us for the Magical Makansutra Food Safari, where you will have an opportunity to taste some of Singapore’s finest street food. There will be five different food types served on each safari. You must try our local cuisine like Bak Kut Teh (Pork Ribs in Tea Soup), one very unique food item. Singaporeans love laksa (noodles in a spicy coconut broth). Roti Prata (Indian pancakes) are an awesome snack that you won’t want to miss.

Get your heart rate up after dinner by walking off those calories if you dare. The historical Kampong Glam area offers a unique walking tour where you can learn about the little-known supernatural stories of the Sultan Mosque, the Old Istana, the Kris shop, and the perfume shop. Experience Malay folklore that spans thousands of years and discover forgotten places that still haunt the dreams of some under the cloak of moonlight.

Sri Mariamman Temple Singapore

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